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Israel today faces an ever more perilous and escalating threat from the Palestinians, the international organizations, the Europeans and the Islamic regimes. They cannot accept that God’s chosen city, Jerusalem, has been returned, after two long millennia, to the Jews. Israel’s enemies are fiercely troubled by the current developments as biblical prophecies play out in our day and age. Nor can these extremists tolerate that today all the world’s religions are free to worship here. This malicious international cabal will not sleep until they successfully wrest control of the Old City from the Jewish State.  
We are fighting them back!


Defend Jerusalem is vigilantly leading the legal struggle to safeguard God’s chosen city and to ensure that Israel’s enemies and the international bodies, such as the UN and International Criminal Court, will never seize sovereignty over Jerusalem nor exile the Jewish community ever again. Defend Jerusalem is part of a team of experienced lawyers and legal activists in Israel who are dedicated to combating the Jewish State’s enemies on behalf of Jerusalem. We believe that amid all these battles, political, economic, and terror that:
  • Someone must stand for Jerusalem
  • Someone has to draw a line
  • Someone has to fight these battles


Our legal campaigns and civil actions are litigated in the courtrooms around the world, and especially in Israel, to defend the Jewish people’s eternal right:

  • To maintain Jerusalem as our capital
  • To protect Israel’s ancient heritage in the city
  • And to relentlessly safeguard the holy places from being appropriated by the terrorist organizations and the Islamic world

We are God’s local counsel in Israel and work to ensure that the biblical prophecies concerning the return of all of Jerusalem’s to Jewish hands will be actively realized and watchfully defended. 

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