Combating the UN Human Rights Commission Blacklist

On February 12, 2020, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHRC) released a list of Israeli companies that operate beyond Israel’s Green Line. Not surprisingly, ninety-four (94) of the one hundred and twelve (12) businesses listed on what is nothing more than a blacklist are based in Israel; six companies, including General Mills and Airbnb, are based in the United States. By targeting only Jewish-owned companies, the UNHCRC has attempted to legitimize efforts raised by the proponents of the racist Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions  movement to isolate Israeli companies and those overseas firms who operate in Israel. Most troubling, this biased UN agency wants to decide for the world what the borders between Israel and any future Arab state, as well as that Jerusalem’s Old City  belongs to the Palestinians. All of these assumptions are in direct violation of the Oslo Accords which were signed between Israel and the PLO.  Moreover, the list was based on recommendations from boycott groups, like Human Rights Watch whose leader was expelled from Israel for his anti-Israel activities. Many of the organizations providing the basis of the blacklist data receive funding from the European governments.



The UNHRC’s thinly veiled goal is that countries and companies worldwide will refuse to do business with Israeli entities listed on the blacklist. Included on the blacklist are many mainstream companies that play a key role in the Israeli economy. As such, the blacklist seeks to damage Israel’s economy rather than just thwart Jewish “settlement activity”.

Plainly, the UNHRC considers Palestinian-owned businesses in all of Jerusalem to be legal, while only Jewish or Israeli owned businesses in East Jerusalem are considered illegal.

Defend Jerusalem is undertaking legal action to fight back against the UNHRC’s discriminatory blacklist and this effort to delegitimize Israel and violate Jewosh rights in the capital.