Defend Jerusalem Calls to Cut-Off EU Funding to Palestinian Vision


“Palestinian Vision”, is an illegitimate organization, operating in violation of Israeli law, in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. Palestinian Vision AKA Pal Vision, operates with funding from the EU and other foreign governments, displaying their ignorance of Israeli law. Pal Vision is not a registered organization in the Israeli Registrar of Associations and therefore is not permitted to operate within the borders of Israeli territory.





According to information obtained by Defend Jerusalem, the organization operates out of a Jerusalem office located in the Arab Chamber of Commerce. It appears that Pal Vision uses a cover name when active there. The Arab Chamber of Commerce itself is known as a proxy arm of the Palestinian Authority, working from within Israel, and has previously received court orders limiting their behaviors, and court orders directing to close them down, together with the “Orient House Institution”. 

Defend Jerusalem has obtained information indicating that Pal Vision works directly in cooperation with other organizations that are involved in illegal activity, organizations that act as proxies of the Palestinian Authority. Such organizations include; Ibn’a Al-Quds Club, the African Community Centre in the Old City, the Palestinian National Theatre ((Al-Haqawati), Al-Quds University, the A’Tur Youth Club, The Beit Tzafafa Club, and more. It should be noted that Pal Vision’s activities are very extensive and are carried out in collaboration with several different factions, many of them in Jerusalem itself (in addition to those explicitly mentioned here).

It is also imperative to mention that Pal Vision is a body that openly operates in cooperation with several of the PA ministries.

Pal Vision is in effect, a front organization for the Palestinian Authority, that operates in Israel illegally. Therefore, there is no doubt that any activity of Pal Vision or activities carried out in partnership with Pal Vision, are to be categorized as activities carried out on behalf of the PA and the PLO – whether formal or in practice.


Defend Jerusalem is taking action against Pal Vision and the funding awarded to them by the European Union and other foreign governments. It is by no means acceptable that a foreign government or entity should support an illegal organization in the sovereign territory of another ally country.

One of Pal Vision’s projects that have received special funding from the EU, is the “Preservation of the Islamic and Christian Heritage of Jerusalem Project”. This initiative is aimed at cementing the Palestinian narrative, a false one, which denies the Jewish history of Jerusalem. Pal Vision is operating illegally and in a manner that contradicts the policies of the Israeli government.

To add insult to injury, Pal Vision, is supported by several foreign government entities. It is offensive that foreign governments who consider themselves allies of Israel, feel free to operate in such an invasive matter, in illegal activities aimed in contradiction with the Israeli government and policy. These actions do not reflect the diplomatic relations between Israel and the EU.


Defend Jerusalem has approached Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to notify him and his office of this matter.

The severity with which the State of Israel views intervention in its internal affairs should be applied to the actions of the EU in their funding of Pal Vision. Defend Jerusalem has brought the urgency of the matter to the attention of the Prime Minister’s Office and hopes to obtain its goal of stopping all funding to Pal Vision, with immediate effect.