In July 2021, DEFEND JERUSALEM petitioned the Ministry of Justice’s Registrar of Associations and Public Benefit Companies demanding that the Burj el-Luqluq Association be dismantled on the grounds of illegal activity and for being a threat to Israeli national security.


The Burj el-Luqluq Association was officially registered in 2007 although the group dates back to 1991 and has had different names and descriptions. The Association is ostensibly a social welfare entity that is designed to assist women with domestic problems and to help schoolchildren experiencing difficulties at home or school. This, however, is a convenient legitimate cover that masks their illegal activities that promote incitement, violence, and the support of terrorist activity against Jews in Jerusalem and Israelis throughout the country. Much of what the Burj el-Luqluq Association does is done at the behest of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah. And even though Israel’s security services have served the Burj el-Luqluq Association with numerous court orders that bar and limit their activities, they continue to promote violence. Some of the incidents linked to them include:

  • Incidents of violence around the opening of Jerusalem as the “capital” of Palestinian culture in 2009
  • Incidents around the “The Week of the Jerusalem Spring” organized by the Palestinian Authority in 2013
  • A nationalistic themed soccer match organized by the Palestinian Authority in October 2017
  • A nationalistic themed soccer tournament organized by the Palestinian Authority in September 2019
  • A Palestinian Authority convention of Palestinian lawyers in Jerusalem in September 2019


This small example of anti-Israel and pro-Fatah and Palestinian Authority events have been connected to the Burj el-Luqluq Association even though legal action against them made these nationalistic endeavors illegal.


The Burj el-Luqluq Association also maintains close operational ties to youth clubs, sporting organizations, and other ostensibly innocent associations that serve as cover for the Palestinian Authority and Fatah, especially in the efforts to undermine Israeli sovereignty, and law and order, in Jerusalem. The Burj el-Luqluq Association has also received political and financial from various Islamic groups in Jerusalem that are known supporters of violence and who, themselves, incite violence and terrorism against Jews and the Israel National Police.


As further proof of the Burj el-Luqluq Association intentions, in June 2021 the group rejected a 4-million-shekel donation from the European Union that was contingent on its severing of ties to terror groups. The Burj el-Luqluq Association stated that the conditional gift would hurt its holy mission to wage a terror war against the Jews.


The Israeli government and all the offices and commands that serve it must dismantle the Burj el-Luqluq Association immediately so that their hostile activities come to an immediate end.