Expulsion of Eduardo Como, the Head Representative of the European Union’s West Bank and Gaza Strip Office, from Israel

On May 31, 2021, DEFEND JERUSALEM issued a formal request to the office of the Israeli prime minister to expel Odoardo Como, the lead representative from the European Union’s West Bank and Gaza Office from Israel for his anti-Israel activities and attempts to undermine law and order inside Jerusalem.


Como is considered to be the father of the European Union’s microeconomics and infrastructure building programs for the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. But has embedded himself inside Israeli territory as a subversive presence. Como works closely with elements inside the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah organization, to undermine and delegitimize Israeli sovereignty and authority over Jerusalem. Como and his staff are supposed to improve the economic prospects and opportunities of the Palestinian people but his office is not in Ramallah or Gaza City, but rather in the heart of the Israeli capital (No. 5 George Adam Smith Street next to the government ministries). Odoardo Como uses its offices to coordinate protests against Israel, incite anger and violence against Israeli authorities, and invest in Israel’s enemies and their violent efforts. He is actively involved in projects with various Palestinian Authority ministers, even al-Quds University, in the advancement of alleged cultural and infrastructure projects that openly target Israel sovereignty in Jerusalem.


Como has completely compromised the legitimacy and impartiality of the diplomatic post. The existence of an official European Union government body inside Israel that operates openly and brazenly against Israel’s interests and its national security is an insult to the State of Israel as well as a threat. It must not be allowed to continue.


The government of Israel must remove Mr. Como from Israeli soil and have his offices relocated to either Ramallah or Gaza City.