Launching an Investigation of Naser Kos

On May 31, 2021, DEFEND JERUSALEM issued a formal request to Attorney Nurit Litman, the deputy State Attorney responsible for Special Tasks, that the State of Israel initiates an immediate criminal investigation of Naser Kos.


Naser Kos is a high-ranking operative in Fatah, a designated terrorist organization, and a senior officer in the ranks who is the Fatah secretary-general in the Old City of Jerusalem. He runs and controls the “Palestinian Prisoner’s Club” in Jerusalem, a group that that raises money and advocates on behalf of terrorists who have been incarcerated by the State of Israel. He carries out these duties and this subversive mission openly, without any attempt or effort to hide his current activities.


In the last decade, Kos has boasted an extensive operational history of incitement and supporting violent terrorist activity in the Israeli capital and he was a critical component of the recent confrontations and deadly disturbances around Ramadan in May 2021. Kos has a lengthy arrest and conviction record, and he has served extensive prison sentences for the terror and security offenses he has been convicted of; on several occasions, Kos’s wife and sons were arrested as well for terrorist activity.


No matter how many times Kos has come into contact with Israel’s law enforcement and counterterrorism forces, no matter how many times he has been warned, jailed, and conditionally released, he continues to incite violence, propagandize against Israel and Jews, and active involvement in a terrorist organization.


The time for patience has come and passed. Kos and his activities not only pose a clear and present threat to the precarious security climate in the Israeli capital, but have resulted in the deterioration of peace and security, and law and order, in Jerusalem. As a result, we are calling for an immediate investigation into Naser’s activities so that they can be stopped at once.