Netanyahu: ‘Never again’ is Israel’s mission

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Lahav Harkov | Jan 27, 2021


Antisemitism is Iran’s “official policy,” Netanyahu said, and that regime “unabashedly and proudly says day in and day out: Our goal is to murder another six million Jews, to eradicate the Jewish State of Israel.”


Other examples Netanyahu mentioned of places in which antisemitism may be found were “North American university campuses, in South Asian madrassas [and] among European elites.”


Though antisemitism remains rampant, Netanyahu pointed out that an important change has taken place since the Holocaust.


“If at the time of the Holocaust, the Jews were homeless, stateless, defenseless, begging others to protect us – no longer. Today we are firmly rooted in our ancient land, free and strong in our independent state,” he said.


Israel is “the country that provided a homeland for the survivors; a state that rose from the ashes; a state in which the Jewish people regained their sovereignty and independence.”


Netanyahu vowed not “to forget the tragic past and never to allow the Jewish people to once again be defenseless against the forces that seek our destruction.”


“Never again isn’t a slogan. This is our policy and this is our mission and we will always carry it out,” he concluded.


International Holocaust Remembrance Day, instituted by the UN General Assembly in 2005, is marked on January 27 each year, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1945.

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