Palestinian expert warns of Israeli intents to control Aqsa Mosque

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07/05/2020 – 04:07 PM



A Palestinian expert in Israeli affairs has warned of serious Israeli tendencies to take advantage of the lockdown measure at the Aqsa Mosque compound due to the Covid-19 pandemic to impose Jewish sovereignty over the Islamic holy site.


In Twitter remarks, and Israeli affairs expert and writer Saleh al-Naami cited recent remarks from Israeli attorney Aviad Visoly, the legal advisor of the right-wing temple mount groups, in which he called the lockdown of the Aqsa Mosque an opportunity to consolidate Israel’s control over the holy site.


“The fundamentalist Jewish religious camp, whose influence has puffed up within the Zionist entity, believes that it has reached a level of strength that will enable it to push things towards imposing the Zionist sovereignty over the Aqsa Mosque,” Naami said.


“Therefore, leaving the Aqsa Mosque empty because of the coronavirus will provide a suitable climate for them (the temple mount groups),” he warned, calling for not enabling the Israelis to have any right to shut down the Aqsa Mosque.


He urged the Islamic Awqaf authorities in Palestine and Jordan (the custodian of the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Occupied Jerusalem) to study the possibility of allowing Muslim worshipers to resume praying at the Aqsa Mosque while observing all anti-coronavirus measures.


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