Prevent Fatah Terror Operative Shadi Matur from Living and Operating inside Israel


The Defend Jerusalem legal team has issued the request that the Israeli Ministry of the Interior must revoke the permanent residency status of Shadi Matur, a senior member of the Fatah movement who was granted permission to reside inside Israel. Matur is a senior operative in an organization that is classified by Israeli law to be a hostile terrorist entity, and Mator has used the freedoms of his residency inside Israel to incite and organize violence against the State of Israel and to undermine Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.




Fatah, the party currently in power inside the Palestinian Authority, has a lengthy history of terrorist attacks and armed factions perpetrating the most heinous crimes of the Arab-Israeli conflict: groups inside the organization, Black September, Force 17, the Fatah Tanzim, and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade were responsible for the Munich Olympic Massacre, the Coastal Road Massacre, and scores of hijackings, shooting attacks, and suicide bombings. Shadi Matur, the so-called Fatah secretary-general in Jerusalem, has taken part in incitement activities and has called upon Palestinians to unleash violence against Israel and Jews: When the United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem, for example, Matur called for the Palestinians to unleash a third bloody intifada.



Matur, as a resident of Jerusalem, carries a blue Israeli identification card (Te’udat Zehut) and, as such, can travel freely throughout the country. He is one of the more prominent Palestinian Authority officials in Jerusalem and he openly works to try and exercise Palestinian sovereignty in Jerusalem, the Israeli capital. Matur has called for violence online, on social media, and in his role leading political and covert meetings and conspiring from inside Israel’s borders. He poses a clear and present danger to the security of all law-abiding citizens—and public order—in the Jewish state.


Defend Jerusalem and its legal team is calling on Member of Knesset Aryeh Deri, the Interior Minister, to remove Matur from Israeli territory immediately and to take legal action to prevent his re-entry into the country on security grounds.