DEFEND JERUSALEM has notified Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked that she must use the powers of her good office to prevent Khaled Shiha, a senior Palestinian Authority Health Ministry official, from being allowed to enter Israeli territory.


Khaled Shiha is a resident of the Palestinian Authority and a senior official of the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health responsible for the Jerusalem area. He maintains his office in al-Azariya, on the southeastern slope of the Mount of Olives inside the boundaries of the Israeli capital. His primary activities involve advancing the nefarious terrorist objectives of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah. Shiha’s activities in Israel—and specifically inside Jerusalem—are forbidden according to numerous diplomatic accords signed between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and cosigned by the United States and other powers.


Khaled Shiha’s subversive activities are a clear and present danger to the citizens of Jerusalem and the State of Israel. As a result, the Ministry of Interior must permanently ban him from being allowed to enter Israel.