Preventing Sa’id Atari From Entering Israel

In March 2021, DEFEND JERUSALEM issued an urgent demand to MK Amir Ohana, the then Minister for Internal Security, that Said Atari, a Palestinian Authority official and officer in the Palestinian Preventative Security (PPS) be barred from entering Israeli territory. Additionally, DEFEND JERUSALEM is demanding that Atari be barred from interacting inside the confines of Jerusalem and to forbid Jerusalem residents from meeting with him.


Sa’id Atari is a senior PPS officer holding the rank of Amid, or Brigadier-General, and a man identified by the Palestinian Authority as the PPS officer responsible for Jerusalem. His activities on behalf of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority contradict the basic fabric of Israeli national security and counterterrorist security protocols for Jerusalem. As a senior PPS official, Atari’s mission is to undermine Israeli law and order. As an intelligence and counterintelligence officer, Atari meets with individuals who actively threaten the lives of Jerusalem’s residents.


The only way to prevent Atari from carrying out his covert missions against the Jewish state is to prevent him from ever entering Israel. We, therefore, demanded that the minister not allow Atari into Israel and specifically into Jerusalem.