DEFEND JERUSALEM is requesting that the State Attorney’s Office, Office of Special Assignments, initiate a criminal investigation of Shadi al-Mator, an Israeli resident living in Jerusalem, who is a high-ranking operative in the Fatah terrorist organization and is well known to law enforcement authorities in the capital. DEFEND JERUSALEM is also requesting that his permanent residency permit for living inside Israel be revoked.


Shadi al-Mator has an extensive record of incitement and supporting acts of violence inside and has been arrested on numerous occasions in the past and continues his premeditated and specifically-directed illegal activities. As an example of his many calls for incitement, al-Mator was interviewed on Fatah television on 24 January 2017 regarding the United States moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and he said, “The Fatah movement is intending to initiate a third Gaza intifada should the United States follow through with its declaration.” al-Mator’s words were not mere hyperbole: They were a warning and a threat that his organization would carry out a popular campaign of nationalistic violence, that involved the use of multiple weapons and terror tactics, such as knife attacks, and the use of cars to ram Jews in the street.


Shadi al-Mator participates in numerous Fatah activities in Jerusalem, including provocative rallies with individuals such as Adnan al-Ghaith, a resident of Jerusalem, and a senior member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council; he is the governor of Fatah’s “Quds Governate.” Al-Mator also routinely interacts with the head of the Palestinian Authority’s General Intelligence service in Jerusalem in opposition to Israeli law and was involved in coordinating Fatah operations to mark the anniversary of that organization’s first terror attack against Israel over sixty years earlier. Al-Mator visits the homes of terrorists and their families as part of his duties for the Palestinian Authority and nefarious involvement in Palestinian Authority legislative elections in Jerusalem without the express agreement of the Israeli government (for operating inside the Jewish state’s capital). The accusations against al-Mator’s activities, and the incitement he calls for rallying Palestinians to perpetrate crimes solely against Jews in Jerusalem and beyond are based on the brazenness of these crimes and his Al-Mator’s statements media promoting his actions:


As a result of the numerous security offenses that he has committed, and as a result of his command level rank inside a terrorist movement, Shadi al-Mator’s activities—incitement, propaganda, recruitment, fundraising, operational support of terrorist attacks—on behalf of Fatah and against the State of Israel constitute a clear and present danger to the citizens of the Jewish state.


Because Shadi al-Mator is an out-of-control threatening force and because of his illegal activities, DEFEND JERUSALEM is requesting that a criminal probe of Shadi al-Mator be initiated immediately.