DEFEND JERUSALEM has demanded that Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked use the powers of her good office and invoke Section 11A of the Israeli Entry Law to permanently revoke the permanent residency status of Hanadi al-Halawani, a senior leader in the Jerusalem-based Murabitat organization and a dangerous individual whose actions and intentions pose a clear and present danger to the security of the State of Israel.


Hanadi al-Halawani’s Murabitat is an organized militant group of Muslim women that operates on the Temple Mount and its surrounding areas—especially the Old City. The Murabitat’s sole objective is violence, and al-Halawani has proven herself to be an expert at leading a relentless campaign of incitement against Israelis, and Jews in particular. Her actions have led to violent disturbances, clashes with the security forces; her incitement has resulted in bloodshed.


Hanadi al-Halawani’s religious fanaticism and anti-Israel incitement are considered extreme—even among fundamentalist Palestinian terrorist circles. Yet, remarkably, she is a legal resident of the State of Israel with an address in Jerusalem. Somehow, she has been permitted to maintain her residency status even though her actions are in clear violation of the regulations that stipulate the privilege of living inside Israel.


Al-Halawani has been arrested by the Israeli police on numerous occasions for her terrorist activities; her activities are routinely monitored by the security services. But for some inexplicable reason, she is released from custody almost as soon as she is detained, and she returns to her incitement campaign, often with great public and media fanfare. She zealously promotes herself to the Arab citizens of Israel as well as Arabs around the Middle East by grandstanding for networks such as Al-Jazeera.


Al-Halawani’s brushes with Israeli law enforcement authorities do not dissuade or deter her activities. As a result, the Israeli Ministry of Interior must use the power of the residency laws of the country to permanently revoke al-Halawani’s legal residency status inside Israel.